January 8, 2020

New Year, New Gym & Active Wear

January is the month for all things fitness. Whether you’re trying to cut down on toxins, live a more healthy lifestyle or getting in shape to look good, this is definitely the moment of the year to set your 2020 fitness goals.

Comfortable Active Wear

At Tequila Swimwear we have been expanding our range of products by adding some sport wear pieces to the mix. With the help of our allowing seamstresses in Caracas, we have been having fun mixing colours and materialist create fun and comfy work out outfits perfect for those gym sessions, yoga classes, running or just an active lifestyle.

Tequila Swimwear Active Wear in Purple

What types of items are we launching?

We started by focusing on making coordinated top and bottom pieces, composed by leggings and crop tops, but as everything we produce in Tequila Swimwear we are designing them so that you can mix and match colours and prints.

In these photos you can see a sneak peak of what is coming. Check out our instagram for more!

Workout outfit in burgundy

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