March 19, 2020

Tequila Swimwear brand new Youtube channel

Tequila Swimwear has created a new bikini Youtube channel to cheer you up.

2020 is a year that definitely has surprised and confused us already. We are living in extremely uncertain times, confined indoors due to coronavirus.

In Caracas, our physical shop has temporarily closed its doors since Monday. We are now globally conscious that we’re helping others by staying at home and reducing social contact. However, we can’t help feeling a bit sad thinking about our 2020 beach plans being postponed.

At Tequila Swimwear we always think with positivism.

The internet has made us laugh with videos of musical balconies in Italy and many other creative quarantine activities. A daily reminder that we’ll get through this, and that fun, laughter and holiday planning are not cancelled!

Tequila Swimwear reminds you to smile and stay positive!

And even if your summer plans seem far, far away…don’t give up on them. They will happen in the future. And when the time comes, you’ll get to wear gorgeous bikinis at the beach – and not PJs at home!

Bikini and holiday inspiration.

On this high note, we're leaving here our brand new Youtube channel!

On our Tequila Swimwear Youtube channel you will find  Behind the Scenes videos of our amazing photoshoots taken at Morrocoy National Park, as well as in Caracas, Venezuela. We even posted an interview with our designer, founder (and my mum) Daniela Capecchi that went live on Venezuelan National TV. Lots of swimsuits inspiration to keep you planning that summer trip and that little beach outfit.


We hope you enjoy it!


Paola from Tequila Swimwear

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